Sunday, September 20, 2009

Racecourse Road Street Party

Yesterday, lathered in sunscreen, we went off to the Racecourse Road Street Party to see all the BrisStyle members taking part. Even at 8:30am it was already very hot with the road radiating quite a bit of heat, so I felt for the stallholders who would be there all day. The stalls all looked great and I'm eager to hear how it all went throughout the course of the day. Although I had to pull out of having my own stall due to illness several of my items were on display at the co-op stall thanks to several of the girls getting together and running a group stall. The co-op stall looks really impressive with a large variety of items from many different members. It no doubt would have drawn a great crowd.

I am extremely grateful for all BrisStyle members who volunteered to (wo)man the stall.

The heat was obviously already getting to Teneale and Tim from Wicked Child Designs....

Enjoying some shade......

Pulling out of this market did have an upside which was having a little more time for some experimental sewing. As a result I attempted a new handbag pattern I've been meaning to try for a few months. Once it was complete I had a certain person in mind who I thought might like it and sure enough it is now in the hands of Sally from Flight Industries!! I've had several requests for bags with shoulder straps and I believe this fits the bill, so I'll have several of these in my store over the coming months, and they will most definitely be on display at the December BiDM.

Despite being a little under the weather I've still had a few custom orders to do over the past two weeks which was fun, including a matching gathered skirt and handbag for a lovely little 2 year old girl. My little Rose looked on with a sad little face when she realised they weren't for her, so I might have to replicate it a few sizes bigger!!

As for the little guy, for being such an enthusiastic supporter of my bag making I'm going to make him a few pairs of shorts. He often wanders into my sewing room and with such enthusiasm (and not a hint of sarcasm - thankfully too young) asks "What are you making Mumma, a bag?" I've had this fabric in my stash for about 18 months and I think it's time!

Anyway, first day of the school holidays today so it's time to make pancakes, Canadian style.........