Thursday, February 11, 2010

From science to sewing to sociology

Well, it's been a while since the last blog entry, however it has also been a while between bags!  I've done little sewing for Nosovich since Christmas and I must say it has been rather relaxing.  The pre-Christmas rush was a little exhausting and it's been nice to take it easy and concentrate on some personal sewing.

This year I've decided to take a break from my Etsy store and will instead be returning to University.   It's been 6 years since I was at Uni so it's time for my comeback (ha!).  First year sociology is hardly much of a comeback, however it will eventually get me to where I want to be.  I needed a break from Science anyway, which I studied prior to having my daughter Rosie so we'll just see how it goes.  I have something else up my sleeve for later in the year, however I'll leave that for another blog post....

When I enrolled in uni I realised I'd need a bag.  Of course my first instinct was to make one myself, but having spend the last 18 months perfecting clutches I realised I didn't have the perfect shoulder bag pattern.  So, I decided to leave it to an expert and that expert was Rebecca at Retrofied.  All of her bags look fantastic - great styles and all the fabrics I love.  I knew it would be good, and in fact it is even better than I imagined.  It arrived today and I used it straight away (I happened to be wearing black and cream so what's a girl to do??).

While I was awaiting its arrival I worked on a bad of my own - a bag made from a Japanese Echino pattern.  I had the same Anna Maria Horner fabric in a different colourway so I decided to practice on it.  It turned out pretty well, despite a few mistakes.  It was fun deciphering the Japanese instructions anyway and it is an interesting pattern to make (which is always good).  It is a little on the large side, however a nice quirky style.  I purchased both the fabric and the pattern from Kelani Fabric Obsession and will be trying it again in a different style of fabric.
With my spare time over the past month or so I've made myself a couple of skirts, as well as one for my lovely little Rose.  My skirts were made from McCalls 5591 and it is a really fantastic pattern.  Just love the pockets and the pleating.  Navy's not for everyone, especially for summer, however I just can't resist it! 
This is Rose's circle skirt in Anna Maria Horner fabric using a Favourite Things pattern.  Really simple pattern and again, highly recommended. 

I'd like to say a big thanks to all for supporting me over the past 12 months, both through their encouragement as well as purchasing my clutches and bags. Particular thanks to Teneale Muir, Sally Flynn and Kim Forsyth who have been extremely supportive and encouraging. A big thanks also to all at BrisStyle for all of their support and assistance. It has been a wonderful experience.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pre-Christmas Sale

Just a quick post to tell everyone about a sale I'm having in my store.  All ready to ship items are reduced including this Green Envelope Clutch

and two Japanese Oversize Evening Clutches.  I made myself one of these particular clutches and have found it so practical to take out in the evening to wear with black, grey and mauve. 

Please pop over to my Etsy store to see my other reduced items.

It is our Wedding Anniversary this weekend and with the kids now 5 and 3 it is probably the most calm our lives have been since we were married and hence we are getting a night away.  To be perfectly honest it is the first time we have both remembered early enough to make plans so this is indeed a special occasion (in our defence, there has been a lot going on these past 5 years)!  So, once we'd chosen a restaurant for dinner my thoughts quickly went to which clutch I would take out and I whipped this one up.  I thought it would contrast nicely with my black dress.

This clutch is available 'made to order' here.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

All sewed out!!

Well, I sat down to do some sewing today, as I usually do on a Thursday (sans-children) and realised that I just couldn't bring myself to sew a thing.  I would have ironed about 5 pieces of fabric in preparation for cutting  however each time I immediately lost interest!  In just under a week I have made two skirts for myself plus a clutch and on top of the two week sewing marathon that preceeded it (clutchaton perhaps?), it seems that I have the sewing equivalent of writer's block!  So I opted to fold two baskets of laundry and actually enjoyed it.  Given that I almost always opt for sewing (or let's face it, anything) over any form of housework it was indeed a strange day.

When I'd finished some other chores I found myself looking through photos of our all-too brief move to England last year and it has me pining for Shrewsbury (west-midlands) where we lived.  It has been on my mind a lot lately and whenever I look through the photos it does strange things to my stomach and I get a wee bit emotional!  So I can't help myeslf include a few choice shots (therapy perhaps?)

Condover Village, Shropshire

Shrewsbury Town.  This photo courtest of sammybeckham courtest of Flickr

Church Preen, Shropshire. 
This is typical of the lanes we drove on to get from to my husband's work, or simply to get to a toddler group in a neighbouring village. It is absolutely breathtaking driving around these lanes (you just have to watch out for tractors and combine harvesters coming in the other direction).  Had we stayed my daughter was to start school in this area.  Photo courtest of Flickr: pip273

The Quarry, Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury Town

'Party Balloons, 2 for a pound'.  I can't explain this one I'm afraid - stumbled upon this guy in town one day. 

Ok, back to the here and now I'll just leave you with photos of the custom order I recently finished for my friend Sally from Flight Industries.  Sally chose this wonderful fabric (great taste that girl!) and it's in the post as I write.  She love foxes so I thought I best make it a feature.....

Friday, November 13, 2009

Nosovich in Nook

I'm very excited to have 6 of my bags and clutches in Nook, the lovely store full of handmade products in West End.  It is owned by Michelle, from Pedrosprout and I'm really proud to have my bags in there amongst all the unique and quality products.  It was an absolute pleasure sewing for Nook and I look forward to more in the future.  Here are a few of the bags:

I was also recently contacted by Sacha Drake regarding stocking some of my clutches in her new boutique in Paddington.  So, after a busy week of sewing off I went this morning to deliver the first installment of clutches right in time for her first day of trade.  This was my favourite:

Between these two orders I must admit it's been a rather hectic fortnight.  Sewing until midnight and starting again first thing takes its toll so I am not allowing myself to do any sewing at all this weekend.  If anything I might need to attend to the chaos that is my sewing room!  Resisting the urge to sew might be tough given I just picked up a small bundle of Japanese fabric from the Post Office (Sally, one of these is yours!).

Before I go I wanted to post this photo of a custom order I did for an old friend.  We lost touch for years however are now in regular contact and little clutch is on its way to America as a gift for her sister.  It's little things like this that make all the long hours of sewing really worthwhile!!  On this note, I'm very appreciative of all the support and encouragement I have received from friends and feel very fortunate indeed. 

I recently won a giveaway from RE-read which consisted of a bunch of cheeky and quirky gift tags made from old children's book.  I can't wait to see how they are received!  Here are my favourites:

That's all for now.  I hope all my BrisStyle friends are enjoying their market preparations and I hope everyone has a relaxing weekend!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A yellow obsession

Well, it's been school holidays here for the last two weeks so I have been having time away from sewing to make the most of some wonderful family time.  It began with couple of day trips to the beach.  My little guy wanted his new 'fish shorts' that I mentioned in my previous post ready for our trip the beach so I stayed up the night before and completed them.  Worth every minute as he just loves them.

Over the holidays I did manage to complete a few project including this Retro Envelope Clutch.  This clutch is particularly special to me as I used a vintage fabric that belonged to a friend's mother for the lining.  She had bought it originally to make dresses for her grandchildren, however it remained in her fabric stash.  My daughter has requested a dress made out of it and I think that would be rather fitting.

I've recently come to the realisation that I have a slight obsession with the colour yellow, at least when it comes to my bag making! It started with the My Little Sunshine Bag, followed closely by two other yellow clutches and now my latest product, the Shoulder Bag in Yellow.  It's not yet on Etsy but won't be far away.  Believe it or not I've also earmarked another yellow fabric from the Echino range next.

Image of the lining prior to sewing it into the bag

Echino 'Bird to hang' (Image Courtesy of Kelani Fabric Obsession
Before I get to this second yellow handbag I have a custom order to complete - an Oversize Clutch in pink.  I can't get enough of these two fabrics together and once I finish this post I will get back to it.

I thought I would just finish with an image of something I'd love to make, if only I didn't spend all my time making bags!

This image comes courtest of Pretty Ditty's blog and is a pattern she developed which you can purchase from Phat Fabric.  Hope everyone has a great week!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Racecourse Road Street Party

Yesterday, lathered in sunscreen, we went off to the Racecourse Road Street Party to see all the BrisStyle members taking part. Even at 8:30am it was already very hot with the road radiating quite a bit of heat, so I felt for the stallholders who would be there all day. The stalls all looked great and I'm eager to hear how it all went throughout the course of the day. Although I had to pull out of having my own stall due to illness several of my items were on display at the co-op stall thanks to several of the girls getting together and running a group stall. The co-op stall looks really impressive with a large variety of items from many different members. It no doubt would have drawn a great crowd.

I am extremely grateful for all BrisStyle members who volunteered to (wo)man the stall.

The heat was obviously already getting to Teneale and Tim from Wicked Child Designs....

Enjoying some shade......

Pulling out of this market did have an upside which was having a little more time for some experimental sewing. As a result I attempted a new handbag pattern I've been meaning to try for a few months. Once it was complete I had a certain person in mind who I thought might like it and sure enough it is now in the hands of Sally from Flight Industries!! I've had several requests for bags with shoulder straps and I believe this fits the bill, so I'll have several of these in my store over the coming months, and they will most definitely be on display at the December BiDM.

Despite being a little under the weather I've still had a few custom orders to do over the past two weeks which was fun, including a matching gathered skirt and handbag for a lovely little 2 year old girl. My little Rose looked on with a sad little face when she realised they weren't for her, so I might have to replicate it a few sizes bigger!!

As for the little guy, for being such an enthusiastic supporter of my bag making I'm going to make him a few pairs of shorts. He often wanders into my sewing room and with such enthusiasm (and not a hint of sarcasm - thankfully too young) asks "What are you making Mumma, a bag?" I've had this fabric in my stash for about 18 months and I think it's time!

Anyway, first day of the school holidays today so it's time to make pancakes, Canadian style.........

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just in from Japan...

Once I received news that I would be sharing a stall with the lovely Michelle from Vintage Visions at the Racecourse Road Street Party in September I quickly put in an order at my favourite fabric store in Japan. They come express and delivered by a courier and each time I wonder what the courier thinks about the crazy women who's almost meeting him at the front gate! The fabrics are lovelier than on the computer screen (of course) and I can't wait. A few of the fabrics are much thinner than expected and has me thinking of some summer tunics......hmmm, will have to wait until after the market though!!

The crazy hot weather here in Brisbane the past few days has me pining for England. We moved there last year for what was supposed to be an extended period and came back early for work reasons (very long story). I have an entire blog dedicated to this crazy period of our lives here Anyway, couldn't help but include a picture of lovely Shrewsbury. We were there this time last year and here's one of the kids favourite spots.....

Back to the here and now, and with Spring upon us I made a spring inspired clutch from my favourite fabric, Small Gathering by Anna Maria Horner. This fabric was recommended to me by Elissa from Kelani Fabric Obsession and it was only when it arrived in the post from her that I understood why (thanks Elissa!).

My lovely Rose did a much better job of modelling my clutch than I did!!

This warm weather has also got me thinking about summer dresses and I can think of no better than this Fabulous Wrap Dress from Thea and Sami:

It is made from 100% organic linen and can be found here I will have to catch her at the Young Designers Market (1st Sunday of each month) and have a closer look!!

Inspired (perhaps not the right word!!) by the swine flu my poor husband got (and me, mildly) here is my Pink Pig Mini Clutch

It is lined with an unbleached linen/cotton which I found at Kelani Fabric Obsession (see link on my blog) and is just what I was after to coordinate with this Japanese pink linen/cotton fabric.
Both of these new products are available now in my etsy shop