Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A yellow obsession

Well, it's been school holidays here for the last two weeks so I have been having time away from sewing to make the most of some wonderful family time.  It began with couple of day trips to the beach.  My little guy wanted his new 'fish shorts' that I mentioned in my previous post ready for our trip the beach so I stayed up the night before and completed them.  Worth every minute as he just loves them.

Over the holidays I did manage to complete a few project including this Retro Envelope Clutch.  This clutch is particularly special to me as I used a vintage fabric that belonged to a friend's mother for the lining.  She had bought it originally to make dresses for her grandchildren, however it remained in her fabric stash.  My daughter has requested a dress made out of it and I think that would be rather fitting.

I've recently come to the realisation that I have a slight obsession with the colour yellow, at least when it comes to my bag making! It started with the My Little Sunshine Bag, followed closely by two other yellow clutches and now my latest product, the Shoulder Bag in Yellow.  It's not yet on Etsy but won't be far away.  Believe it or not I've also earmarked another yellow fabric from the Echino range next.

Image of the lining prior to sewing it into the bag

Echino 'Bird to hang' (Image Courtesy of Kelani Fabric Obsession
Before I get to this second yellow handbag I have a custom order to complete - an Oversize Clutch in pink.  I can't get enough of these two fabrics together and once I finish this post I will get back to it.

I thought I would just finish with an image of something I'd love to make, if only I didn't spend all my time making bags!

This image comes courtest of Pretty Ditty's blog and is a pattern she developed which you can purchase from Phat Fabric.  Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Yellow is so happy - what's not to love?! I adore the retro clutch - very groovy :-)

  2. Megan, is that a fox on that dress? Can you get hold of that fabric?????
    And then, can I have a shoulder bag in the fox?

  3. I do believe that is a fox on the dress Sally! How fantastic hey?! I can get hold of this fabric and I'm actually awating an order for this fabric in black and purple from Japan(having second thoughts about the purple though...). I just love how nuts and beautiful these Echino fabics are at the same time.

  4. Thanks littlechrissy! I am quite fond of the retro clutch too. Luckily I have a little of the fabric left for something else!

  5. i love your bags ... BTW you won the little giveaway this week so email me a postal address and I will pop them in the mail for you :)