Sunday, August 9, 2009

Exciting New Product

After a few days beavering away in my sewing room I'm really excited to share with you new clutch I've developed. After a year of honing my bag making skills using other people's patterns I felt it was high time I started experimenting with my own. It is for this reason that I am so proud of this little one (not so little actually as it fits my large purse). I think this clutch is super practical, and yet very stylish and can see a lot of these being made over the next few months.

All I need to do now is think of a name for this line of clutches (any suggestions of course welcome!). In the interrim this first one will be my Green Umbrella Clutch!

The fabric is a Japanese canvas with very soft green/cream background with green umbrellas. This fabric is quite unique and seems to suit this clutch perfectly.

Next in line will be the remaining fabrics pictured below, plus the navy Japanese floral which proved very popular when made into one of my Oversize Classic Clutches.

Oops, how could I forget this amazing Anna Maria Horner fabric..........

If you would like this new clutch made in any of the fabrics pictured and order before the 15th August you can get 10% off! The green clutch will be listed in Etsy within the next few days. Please contact me for any price enquiries.


  1. Very nice!Wish your new creation best of luck ;)

  2. Very cute Megan ! I think this size clutch would probably fit my laptop, it's one of those smaller type ones. I'll have to have a think for you on names, Green Umbrella doesn't sound too bad though ! Love your fabrics.

    xo Teneale

  3. Thanks Sandrine and Teneale. You know, I never thought of laptops. Food for thought. A couple more layers of interfacing and that could work!!

  4. I'm definitely a bag with handles girl, but I think I could be tempted to cross the floor and become a clutch girl. And I love the idea of using it for a notebook computer. We are taking one overseas with us and it would look so much more classy than the daggy khaki number my husband thinks is so cool!

  5. Wow, Hot Fudge, that is quite a compliment!! I'll put my thinking cap on with regards to interfacing for a laptop case(pretty soon I'll be able to write a paper on the stuff!). Might be something to explore after I'm stocked up for the Racecourse Road Street Party in September. Thanks again for the comment!

  6. Every good collection has "essential" in the title so I am thinking that these could be the "Essential Summer Clutches". They are lovely fabrics.