Thursday, November 26, 2009

All sewed out!!

Well, I sat down to do some sewing today, as I usually do on a Thursday (sans-children) and realised that I just couldn't bring myself to sew a thing.  I would have ironed about 5 pieces of fabric in preparation for cutting  however each time I immediately lost interest!  In just under a week I have made two skirts for myself plus a clutch and on top of the two week sewing marathon that preceeded it (clutchaton perhaps?), it seems that I have the sewing equivalent of writer's block!  So I opted to fold two baskets of laundry and actually enjoyed it.  Given that I almost always opt for sewing (or let's face it, anything) over any form of housework it was indeed a strange day.

When I'd finished some other chores I found myself looking through photos of our all-too brief move to England last year and it has me pining for Shrewsbury (west-midlands) where we lived.  It has been on my mind a lot lately and whenever I look through the photos it does strange things to my stomach and I get a wee bit emotional!  So I can't help myeslf include a few choice shots (therapy perhaps?)

Condover Village, Shropshire

Shrewsbury Town.  This photo courtest of sammybeckham courtest of Flickr

Church Preen, Shropshire. 
This is typical of the lanes we drove on to get from to my husband's work, or simply to get to a toddler group in a neighbouring village. It is absolutely breathtaking driving around these lanes (you just have to watch out for tractors and combine harvesters coming in the other direction).  Had we stayed my daughter was to start school in this area.  Photo courtest of Flickr: pip273

The Quarry, Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury Town

'Party Balloons, 2 for a pound'.  I can't explain this one I'm afraid - stumbled upon this guy in town one day. 

Ok, back to the here and now I'll just leave you with photos of the custom order I recently finished for my friend Sally from Flight Industries.  Sally chose this wonderful fabric (great taste that girl!) and it's in the post as I write.  She love foxes so I thought I best make it a feature.....


  1. sounds like folding was just what you needed! I hope you can figure out what the pining is about- maybe a reaction to this heat? Certainly is picturesque there. Also- keep peeking in the mailbox for my foxy treat! Look after you xx

  2. Oooh, very exciting Sally!! If you haven't received your fox in the mail it will be today. This heat does make me think of the lovely frosty mornings there - mind you they had floods there recently and that would have been no fun at all. Have a great weekend and make sure you take your clutch on an outing! xo

  3. And why do you think I'm here in front of my computer instead of beavering away on my Bernina? Yep - Dress Block. With only a week to go to the BiDM Market, I know it's bad timing.

    I love your nostalgic images of England and am feeling slightly the same, as a DVD arrived yesterday from my brother who had put stacks images from the trip Tony and I took a couple of months back onto some sort of a movie slide show, with music to make us feel even more nostalgic.

    Well. That's better. Back to the machine.

  4. Meegan this bag is fantastic. Love the fabric!

  5. Ah yes.... the soft light, historical streetscape and green green grass of England. I miss those things too. I was there long enough to pine for the harsh light, blue skies, tropical fruit and laid-back Australian manner. Just remember there are positives and negatives wherever you are!

  6. Beautiful photos. I hope your nostalgic trip inspired you. Thanks for bringing back memories of my brief living experience in England many years ago. There's no greater feeling than jumping on an aeroplane headed for adventure. I've really missed that since having children.